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Proactive training for you and your dog.

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What is proactive training?

My aim is for you and your dog to get the best out of life by giving you some simple tools that help you train together and have fun doing it! Proactive training is all about better understanding your dog and being able to respond in positive, more effective ways, no matter what life might throw at you.

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So many of us just want a dog who’ll sit or stay when we ask them to. However modern approaches to training have made us realise that it’s just as important, if not more so, to have a dog who can be calm, or focused or even confident with new experiences. These form the essential foundation of so many actions that we want our dogs to learn.


Just like humans, dogs learn faster and are more motivated to learn when it’s part of a positive, rewarding experience. There’s a wealth of games and fun activities that exist now to help dogs learn - without them even realising! This makes it more fun for you both and easier to add to your daily routine because you play them almost anywhere.

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There’s a great saying in dog training to make sure you ‘set your dog up for success’ when you’re working with them. Success for me is a happy dog who’ll learn faster because they know what you’re asking them to do, and they enjoy doing it with you! It’s also making sure you’re confident and excited about what you and your dog can do together, because you understand more of what they’re communicating to you.



These fun, one-off sessions are designed to give you a ‘taster’ of cool stuff you can do with your dog to build confidence, learn new things and have lots of fun together. Choose from 4 options including trick training, agility, play sessions and nosework.


Learn what to expect with your puppy and how to tackle common challenges such as crate training, socialisation, toilet training, chewing and more. My aim is to help you to best prepare your puppy to be a great adult dog and a happy member of the family.


Having problems or want to learn more about proactive training with your dog? I start with a 3-week package which includes an in-home assessment, a fun, personalised training plan and ongoing support to help you achieve your goals together with your dog.


Nosework is one of the best things you can introduce to your dog. It builds confidence, creates focus and provides a great outlet for dogs of all kinds! I’m developing a workshop for this but I also offer private training for dogs as well. It’s great fun and can be done indoors or outdoors!


As seen on TV3’s The Project, I am currently training to become a Treibball Trainer and look forward to offering training for this awesome dog sport to dog owners at all levels really soon! Also known as ‘Urban Herding’ this sport is great for dogs of all sizes, ages, shapes and breeds.


Get in touch if you’d like to ask about other potential training or fun, new things to do with your dog! I’d love to hear from you.

The tactics and techniques you need to help your dog get the best out of life

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